Brick Workout

I reserve Tuesdays for my early morning bike rides. It’s more of a challenge to get rides in on weekdays, there’s just less time. But at least one or two mornings per week, I get up at 5:20am and am on the trail/road by 6. That gives me a good hour before I need to be home getting ready for work.

This morning I decided to switch things up a bit. My rides have become pretty predictable, which is nice sometimes, but I needed something different this morning. I told myself I would do 10 hilly miles on the trail at a moderate/fast pace, then exchange my cycling shoes for tennis shoes and run 2 miles. A typical brick workout.

I’m not training for anything, but I’ve noticed that in some of our fitness classes recently that running after being on the spin bike really feels pretty good to my legs and presents more of a cardiovascular challenge at the end of a workout.

It was a great workout, and I was finished in just over an hour. I may start incorporating bricks into my training more often, if only just to break up my cycling routine a bit.

And here’s the great view I was able to photograph at the beginning and end of my ride:

sunriseJust another thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, besides a workout.



Life Lately

Life lately has been FULL. Full of bike rides, puppy walks, research, friends and family. I work hard and I play hard and it’s never felt better.

Walks in the afternoon with Luc are still part of my agenda. It’s relaxing for me, and I *hope* fun for him. He’s such a good companion, and puts up with me no matter what.

IMG_1922Walks, then crashing on the couch. I could do this forever.

IMG_1925I dropped my friend’s dog off at the vet on Friday. He’s a Bull Terrier and one of the most unique dogs I’ve ever met. He’s also deaf, so communication can be a struggle sometimes. But he’s a good one…

IMG_1929Dinner out with my parents on Friday night to kick off a long Memorial Day weekend. We ended up at a restaurant where they serve the single best vodka martini I’ve ever tasted. So, obviously I had to order one…with bleu cheese stuffed olives.

IMG_1931A quick 15-mile bike ride Saturday night followed by a beer with the group. We decided we need to start ending our rides like this more often.

IMG_193524-mile bike ride on Sunday, then afterwards I introduced my parents to “bushwhackers”–essentially a chocolate, alcoholic slushie. In a word: delicious. Another word? Dangerous. Don’t have more than 2.

IMG_1936And finally for Memorial Day I did a group ride at sunrise (5:30am). It was glorious and the perfect way to end a fun-filled weekend.



IMG_1946Even with all of the wonderful things I’ve experienced in the past few days, I still found myself getting “antsy” at work today. I suppose it’s just because summer weather has arrived and my trained response for basically all of my life until now is to drop everything and relax for 2 months. It’s strange, I don’t have a summer anymore and I’m okay with that. I don’t really know what else I would do if I didn’t have my research. Obviously, I love to ride my bike, workout, walk my dog, grab drinks with friends, but these things aren’t permanent. And neither is work. We have to spread life evenly with all of these things to feel well-rounded. Too much play, and we stop appreciating when things are really fun. Too much work, and we stop appreciating the feeling of success and achievement.

I guess that’s what I mean by work hard, play hard.

My Weekend…Instagram Style

In order to make this Monday less painful than it’s already been (I’m just dragging today), I thought I reminisce about the awesome weekend I had through words and pictures.

This past Friday was a long one (TWSS). In any type of animal research, there is a lot of work involved, and conducting research on drug abuse is no different. We had a full day of surgeries (on a Friday!) and therefore my weekend started with one of these…

Stoli vodka martini, extra dry. The only way to go.

Stoli vodka martini, extra dry. The only way to go.

I was in bed by 10:30pm Friday night and it felt fantastic. Saturday began with my usual ritual of waking up and taking my time with breakfast and coffee before heading to a favorite of mine: TRX/spin class! This combination workout kicks my butt everytime while simultaneously making me feel like a million bucks. Now tell me how that works?

Saturday also included an awesome 20ish mile leisure ride on the multi-use trail with a friend. And by leisure, I mean we plopped down in the grass for a 20 minute break to stare out at the reservoir and enjoy the weather.

I love my Trek bike and I plan to do a post dedicated to my road bike soon.

I love my Trek bike and I plan to do a post dedicated to my road bike soon.


Saturday night was spent grilling out at my parents’ house with friends. We have a great patio and there is nothing I love more than sitting out on it and drinking wine just as the weather is warming up. My dad grilled some grouper and red snapper fillets that my family caught this summer on a deep sea fishing trip in Florida. (Don’t worry, they’d been frozen ever since)

IMG_1784 IMG_1783

Saturday night ended with me attempting to stay up past 10pm and drink wine and chat, but what really happened was this:

Covered in dogs. Best sleep ever.

Covered in dogs. Best sleep ever.

Sunday began lazily, but I went on a pretty challenging 25 mile ride with another group of friends. It was another great day for outdoor cycling and we were on some really nice country roads that make you feel like Lance Armstrong…at least when you’re going downhill.



And of course, no Sunday would be complete for the next couple of weeks without a little GOT action…Am I right?


And that is my weekend in a very small nutshell…now I know why I’m sad on Mondays…