Brick Workout

I reserve Tuesdays for my early morning bike rides. It’s more of a challenge to get rides in on weekdays, there’s just less time. But at least one or two mornings per week, I get up at 5:20am and am on the trail/road by 6. That gives me a good hour before I need to be home getting ready for work.

This morning I decided to switch things up a bit. My rides have become pretty predictable, which is nice sometimes, but I needed something different this morning. I told myself I would do 10 hilly miles on the trail at a moderate/fast pace, then exchange my cycling shoes for tennis shoes and run 2 miles. A typical brick workout.

I’m not training for anything, but I’ve noticed that in some of our fitness classes recently that running after being on the spin bike really feels pretty good to my legs and presents more of a cardiovascular challenge at the end of a workout.

It was a great workout, and I was finished in just over an hour. I may start incorporating bricks into my training more often, if only just to break up my cycling routine a bit.

And here’s the great view I was able to photograph at the beginning and end of my ride:

sunriseJust another thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, besides a workout.