Over the Hump

Over the hump of this week and I must say today was the first day I’ve felt *almost* normal in an entire week. I got some work done this afternoon and didn’t feel the need to rush home and crash on my couch. I actually had a good deal of energy today, so even though we did a brick workout (spin-run-spin-run) at F360 this morning, I decided to venture to a PM Spin/TRX class to get some strength work in. REST day tomorrow!!

I must say that going to rough experiences lately has reminded me how important it is to reach out to others. And I’ve been reminded of how many amazing, wonderful and loving friends I have. Every day I get a text from someone, near and far away, that just wants me to know they care about me and that they are there for me. It feels pretty amazing, and it causing me to come out of my shell just a little more each day.

I need to remember that reaching out to others is key in making people feel loved and cared for and comforted. I will return the favor, because everyone goes through a time in their life when support is needed.

To end on a positive note, here’s a list of things I’m excited for in the coming days:

1. Baseball game tomorrow night with my dad. Free food and beer provided by his law firm 🙂

2. It’s almost Friday, which means this week is over and another one is on it’s way. I need a new week to get myself back to normal.

3. I’ve got my usual Saturday bike ride planned for this weekend. Always at the top of my list!

4.  Getting out of my comfort zone in the next several days/week. I’m going to work on myself for a while, and work really hard at it.


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