Monday Motivation

Even though Monday is basically over, I still needed to start this week off on the right foot. There are some personal things going on right now that have been taking up a lot of mental and physical energy and time, which is why I’m not writing as much. As I think about it, it’s probably during these times that I would benefit from writing the most, if only to get my thoughts out of my head for a little while.

Regardless, I wanted to share a few thoughts/quotes/images that are inspiring and motivating me on this glorious summer Monday…

1. I always find myself saying this during tough workouts! It’s so true, and it really puts things into perspective. Even when it has nothing to do with working out, when things get tough don’t quit, it won’t last forever and you’ll be stronger for sticking with it. motivation1


2. My mom and I talked a lot this weekend about how everyone has a role to play in life. It may not seem very obvious when you’re in the middle of difficult circumstances, but if you just step back a moment and try to see outside of yourself, you realize how true it is. What might seem like a pointless situation really does have a purpose and if you can’t see it, then look harder. Learn from everything, because, why not?

3. I aim to work on my attitude right now. I say I’m “stressed”, “busy”, “spent”…WAY too much. It’s not good for me, it’s not good for the people around me. The more I say those words, the more true they become. And I want to remember that.






4. My dog. How would I ever get by without his sweet cuddles? He’s the best way to start and end each day. No matter what happens in between.




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