The Intangibles

I’ve had a whirlwind week. 56 mile ride on my bike last Saturday, followed by a week in North Carolina, where I was fully immersed in my favorite topic: Behavioral Pharmacology. I did’t take very many pictures while I was away, in fact, I really don’t have anything to show for my trip at all–in the material sense. Everything I’ve gained in the past week has been entirely personal and “intangible”.

At first, I was upset that I had not taken more pictures, shared more instagrams or documented my trip more. But now I realize that the important things came home with me. I’m more motivated, inspired and excited than I have been for some time. I’m excited to go to work, I’m excited to read and I’m excited to be back in my element. What seemed like work now seems exciting again.

I have more confidence than I did when I left. I met some amazing people in my trip, people that I most certainly will come into contact again in my future. And that is exciting. More than ever, this trip brought me back to where I needed to be. No, nothing is different about my home, my school, my lab…but a LOT is different about me, and that makes all the difference.


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