This Year

I had a party-filled birthday weekend for my 25th birthday this year.  It reminded of how many wonderful people I have in my life. I feel so lucky to have so many loving friends and family to call my own, and I don’t want to know what life would be like without them.

I might have partied a little too hard this weekend. I’m still trying to recover a bit today. But that’s me. I’m not perfect. I certainly try to be a lot of the time, and it usually backfires. Because not one of us is perfect. There is no such thing. We make mistakes, we fuck up, we hurt people we love…we are human. It sounds depressing, but it should be refreshing really. Of course, we should always try to learn from mistakes and less-than-great choices we might make in life, but we should be kind to ourselves too. Know that, hey, it’s okay.


I was thinking about how I’m 25 now. I know, it’s not old and it’s not a huge deal. But to me, I try to take meaning out of most things in life. Just because I can. And to me, 25 means I get another year. Another year of living life, learning about myself, and finding out who I am. Another year to strive to be my best self, to love myself, to enjoy life and to live in this moment, because the next one is not guaranteed.



If anyone needs me–I’ll be living life, making mistakes, learning faster from some than from others, and trying to find myself in this 25 year…



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