Thursday Thoughts 5/2/13

1. How is it not Friday yet? Seriously, this week is never-ending and slowly sucking the life out of me.

2. I’m having a birthday party tomorrow night and I’m so so so depressed that it’s raining. It was supposed to be outside, on my parents’ patio, but it has been raining since Tuesday and is not about to stop. Thank goodness for the margarita machine.

3. Something I’ve realized this week–my emotions about a situation are very dependent on how other people are feeling about it. For example, I have a really fun weekend ahead, complete with my birthday party and a crawfish boil, however due to the way others have been acting, I can’t get excited anymore. What’s that about?

4. Relationships are hard. Especially long-distance, long-term ones. Communication is hard too. And some days, it’s hard to not be selfish and just take care of me and what’s going on around me. I hope that’s kind of normal.

5. I’ll try to be more positive from now on.

6. We had fitness assessments yesterday for an 8 week bootcamp I’ve been participating in. To sum it up:

  • – metabolic age: 12 !!
  • – 3:17 minute plank (longest I’ve done yet)
  • – 7:47 mile run (it was tough)

7. Oh, and speaking of fitness achievements, here’s the results of my 5k last weekend. Not my best, but it was a fun race and I enjoyed every minute of it!


8. Anyone else gonna miss this, now that it is actually May?


I know I am.


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