Thursday Thoughts 4/25/13

1. Words can’t express how happy I am that tomorrow is FRIDAY. It’s time for a much needed break.


2. I’m celebrating my 25th birthday next Friday with a gathering of all of my friends and family. It’s Cinco de Mayo themed (since I’m a May 5th baby) and I’m SO excited!!

3. And I really want one of these


4. Running a 5k this weekend. It will likely be my last “official” one of the season because, damn, those things get expensive!

5. Great 15 miles on the bike this afternoon with a friend. I don’t usually have time to ride on weekdays, but in honor of finishing the first draft of my dissertation aims, I decided I could stand to leave work a little early and hit the trail.

6. I’m currently indulging in a little bit of Real Housewives of OC…ahhh trash reality TV, I can’t quit you!



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