Me and my buddy went for a little walk this afternoon.


It was much needed after a long day on campus. My head is still spinning with research-oriented thoughts, yet my brain feels like it’s headed into a shut-down mode. The walk helped. I listened to music and then started taking pictures of the scenery.



Spring in Mississippi can be quite lovely. It’s green EVERYWHERE and the temperature is just right (aka, not yet 200 degrees Fahrenheit like it will be in a few weeks).



I focused on the green on the ground, the green in the trees, the breeze in the air and the slowly setting sun shining through trees like this one. And then, I decided to look straight up and this is what I saw:



Now if that’s not a de-stressor, then I don’t know what is. I came home with a clear(er) head, and a bit more relaxed than when I had first walked through the door. And I know someone else appreciated the quality time outside too.



He’s my motivation for getting outside after work most days. Just one more thing I love him for.

Time for a bedtime snack and then actual bedtime!

**I need more tips for relaxing and setting aside time to actually do it!!



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