Thursday Thoughts 4/18/13

1. Sometimes, when I’ve been listening to Pandora radio a lot, I’ll want to “like” songs when I’m listening to the regular radio, would be cool if it worked like that. #FirstWorldProblems

2. This drink: 1 oz Tanqueray Ten gin, juice of half a lemon and finish off with champagne….so good, but don’t have more than one! I learned that the hard way 🙂

3. Tuesday night, I had an impromptu sushi and wine date with my mom. It was fun and delicious:


4. Meeting with my mentor today to go through the list of “ideas for my dissertation” that I’ve compiled over the past week…fingers crossed it’s productive.

5. I’ve been taking Luc on 30 minute strolls around the neighborhood when I get home this week. It so good for both of us. And yesterday, I didn’t want to come back to my house until my head was cleared.


6. Today is my grandfather’s 80th birthday. I’m so blessed to know my grandparents, because I know there are many out there that never get the opportunity.

7. Excited for a fun weekend which includes, but is not limited to: a beerfest at the zoo tomorrow night and an engagement party for a dear friend Saturday. AND definitely some bike riding in the mix with this gorgeous spring weather.

Happy it’s Thursday!



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