I’d always considered myself a cat person. I had the most precious black cat named Kiki from the time I was five until I was 22. She was always in my room at my parents’ house, even when I didn’t live there anymore and I would come home and visit from college. I think my personality is even similar to that of cats. I’m naturally introverted, I like to have a sense of independence and I’m somewhat picky about the people I let come around.


I’ve lived in my apartment, alone since I began grad school in the fall of 2010. So I’m going on 3 years of solo-habitating. After that first year, I felt settled, and I began longing for a companion. For some reason, I felt like I was ready for a dog. I still love cats, and can definitely see myself having both cats and dogs in the future, when I own a home and a yard.

I decided on goldendoodles after a lot of research and thinking and eventually becoming obsessed with this big, teddy-esque breed of sweet and friends pups. And like clockwork, my mom called one day to tell me she had found a breeder nearby with a new litter of black goldendoodle puppies


The sweet male of the litter that stole my heart was named Indiana by the breeder (this litter of puppies all had names of states). Eventually I decided I was going to call him Luc.

IMG_0694 IMG_0707

He came home with me on February 10, 2012, and has been the most loving incredible joy in life every since. I am truly that annoying pet owner that talks to him like he is my human child.

  IMG_0798 IMG_0762

And boy did he grow up fast! Luc turned 1 year old in December, and he was already pushing about 70 lbs.

IMG_1137 IMG_1244

I’m so thankful for him. He’s comforting, playful, adorable, fluffy and hilarious all at the same time. I don’t remember what life was like without this sweet boy, and I don’t want to. So this is my boy, my sweet goldendoodle, Luca…



2 thoughts on “Luc

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  2. <3<3<3

    I was a cat person my whole childhood. I had stuffed cats instead of dolls. Now, I am a huge crazy dog lady 🙂 Still like cats, tho. Love your pup!

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