On Grad School: Part III- A Day in the Life

I thought it would be interesting to document “a day in the life” of me at this particular moment in my graduate career. The thing about grad school, is that my schedule this month (or even this week) could be entirely different from my schedule next week. Unpredictable at times, graduate school is a one of a kind experience.

Not representative of my enthusiasm every day

Not representative of my enthusiasm every day

5:00-5:15AM- Alarm, cuddle with Luc, out of bed, workout clothes on…Most days, I aim to get up around this time to keep my sleep time consistent and I’m definitely a morning exerciser. I love getting things accomplished first thing.

6-7:00AM- workout either on my own or in class

7:20-8:15ish- shower, dress, breakfast, coffee, check email..mentally prepare for my day

9AM- I’m usually on campus at or before 9, so that I can start running animals in their experiments for the day.

9-12PM- The morning hours I am on my feet until around lunchtime. Animal research requires LOTS of maintenance and time!

12PM-1PM- Somewhere in here I will eat a quick lunch that I bring from home.

1-4PM- run another set of rats, sit at a microscope and look at slides, read, write, go to meetings…depending on the day, these things are often shifted around.

I try to be home by 4 or 5PM each day, primarily because Luc has been home all day and not only does he need my attention but also I just miss him!

I don’t work too much at night, but lately I don’t have time during the day for all of the reading I need to get going on, so nighttime is for reading, relaxing, cooking and eating…and oh yea, SLEEPING!

9PM- Bedtime in these parts…

***Then I do it all over again…Yay science***


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