On Grad School: Part II

Now where was I…achievement, education, secure future…all things I wanted my life to have.

I took my first psychology course during my freshman year of college, as I assume most people do. I enjoyed it, didn’t think much of it, and I remained on my pre-med, biology major track. But sophomore year, I took a class called: Brain and Behavior. This class, and the professor who taught it, made me realize a number of things about who I was, what I really wanted to do and most importantly, what I was really interested in.

You mean I can go to school to study these things?

You mean I can go to school to study these things?

A number of things were going on at this point in my life (which I won’t go into in this post),  but what eventually transpired was a decision to switch to a psychology major with the intent to apply to graduate school for a PhD.

It’s funny to think how naive my knowledge of careers and career paths was at the beginning of college. I though you either went to law or medical school or got a job, or something. I never really put much thought into alternative career paths until going to med school stopped being what I wanted out of life.

Fast forward to senior year and I’m accepted to a relatively young Neuroscience Program in my home city. I’m offered a wonderful stipend, and it seems that all the doors are open to me. I’m going to be a neuroscientist!!

To be continued…



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