Saturday Morning Montage

Up at 5:00am this morning–decided not to fight it. I had a million things running through my head, and it feels good to be up, peaceful and productive…







Easter bunny

Easter bunny


tired from too much fun last night

tired from too much fun last night






On Grad School: Part III- A Day in the Life

I thought it would be interesting to document “a day in the life” of me at this particular moment in my graduate career. The thing about grad school, is that my schedule this month (or even this week) could be entirely different from my schedule next week. Unpredictable at times, graduate school is a one of a kind experience.

Not representative of my enthusiasm every day

Not representative of my enthusiasm every day

5:00-5:15AM- Alarm, cuddle with Luc, out of bed, workout clothes on…Most days, I aim to get up around this time to keep my sleep time consistent and I’m definitely a morning exerciser. I love getting things accomplished first thing.

6-7:00AM- workout either on my own or in class

7:20-8:15ish- shower, dress, breakfast, coffee, check email..mentally prepare for my day

9AM- I’m usually on campus at or before 9, so that I can start running animals in their experiments for the day.

9-12PM- The morning hours I am on my feet until around lunchtime. Animal research requires LOTS of maintenance and time!

12PM-1PM- Somewhere in here I will eat a quick lunch that I bring from home.

1-4PM- run another set of rats, sit at a microscope and look at slides, read, write, go to meetings…depending on the day, these things are often shifted around.

I try to be home by 4 or 5PM each day, primarily because Luc has been home all day and not only does he need my attention but also I just miss him!

I don’t work too much at night, but lately I don’t have time during the day for all of the reading I need to get going on, so nighttime is for reading, relaxing, cooking and eating…and oh yea, SLEEPING!

9PM- Bedtime in these parts…

***Then I do it all over again…Yay science***

Thursday is My Favorite

Thursdays are my favorite days of the week. In college, yes, I will admit this might have had something to do with the “Thirsty Thursday” concept that seems to rule every week. But now, even as an “adult”, when Thursday is definitely not Friday, and I’m definitely expected to go into work on Friday and get shit done, Thursdays make me smile.

Thursday Graphic #29


There are plans to be made. There is the promise of a weekend ahead. I think this says a lot about my personality. I have a hard time living in the moment and usually, I get so caught up in expectations and planning, that by the time the weekend rolls around, it’s a flash before my eyes.

This still doesn’t diminish my love of today though. I love that tomorrow is Friday, and the week is winding down. Oh, and Friends used to be on TV on Thursday nights…maybe THAT’s where this whole idea comes from…

On Grad School: Part II

Now where was I…achievement, education, secure future…all things I wanted my life to have.

I took my first psychology course during my freshman year of college, as I assume most people do. I enjoyed it, didn’t think much of it, and I remained on my pre-med, biology major track. But sophomore year, I took a class called: Brain and Behavior. This class, and the professor who taught it, made me realize a number of things about who I was, what I really wanted to do and most importantly, what I was really interested in.

You mean I can go to school to study these things?

You mean I can go to school to study these things?

A number of things were going on at this point in my life (which I won’t go into in this post),  but what eventually transpired was a decision to switch to a psychology major with the intent to apply to graduate school for a PhD.

It’s funny to think how naive my knowledge of careers and career paths was at the beginning of college. I though you either went to law or medical school or got a job, or something. I never really put much thought into alternative career paths until going to med school stopped being what I wanted out of life.

Fast forward to senior year and I’m accepted to a relatively young Neuroscience Program in my home city. I’m offered a wonderful stipend, and it seems that all the doors are open to me. I’m going to be a neuroscientist!!

To be continued…


On Grad School: Part I

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an M.D. Specifically, a neurologist. I wanted to study the brain, learn about the brain and know everything there was to know about the brain. I loved science from the moment I took my first biology class back in elementary school. I remember riding in the car with my dad one day and asking him, “what kind of doctor looks at brains?”, to which he replied, “Neurologists.” And from that day on, I proudly told whoever would listen that I was going to be a neurologist.

Fast forward 12 1/2 years, I am 24, and a graduate student in the Program in Neuroscience. Nowadays, I tell people I going to be a Ph.D. and a neuroscientist. In most cases, people assume this is the same thing or similar to an M.D. and a neurologist.

I guess I am one of the few people in the world who actually ended up doing what they said they were going to do when they were 12 years old. I’m studying the brain, learning about the brain and I’m going to know a great deal about what there is to know about the brain.

There was never a question in my mind that I would go on to continue my education after college. I think that was what my parents instilled in me from day one. They value education, and I’m eternally grateful to them for that. I am naturally a driven person and I thrive to achieve. Part of this is genetics, I’m sure, but a large part of it is from my upbringing. These personality characteristics are what brought me to graduate school. Achievement means a great deal to me. And so does ensuring my secure future.

I’ll write another post that is more about where I am in grad school now, but it was hard to start thinking about where I am now without first remembering what brought me here.

Until next time,



I’ve been really inspired lately. Inspired by some of the amazing women out there who write blogs. I mostly read “healthy living” or “fitness blogs” but I like to think of anything I read as more about the person than any recipe or workout they can lend me. I choose blogs like I might choose a friend. Did I connect with that post? Do I find myself nodding my head in agreement? Did this post make me think? If the answer to any or all of the above questions is yes, then I make a point to continue reading.

I’ve enjoyed so many posts over the past few weeks that it made me miss my own experience with blogging. It makes me wonder how and why I stopped. I’d like to say life, relationships, and grad school got in the way, but I honestly don’t feel that any of those things are the complete truth. I think I had (and still have) a lot of growing up to do. When I started blogging I was a girl at the beginning of a road to recovery from a severe eating disorder. I was still vulnerable, but I was strong enough to share my stories, my experiences and ultimately where my life was headed as I got healthy again.

Here I sit, almost 6 years after first discovering the world of blogging and connecting with people on the internet and I desire to be part of this again. If only for the fact that I am a happier person when I write a little bit every day. But I also feel like we all have something to contribute and share, and I want to be a part of that too.

So…I’ve got less than 2 months left of my 24th year and I’m coming back, can’t wait to see where this goes.